We pride ourselves in our response time as well as our resolution time. If you are having issues or need something installed, call us today. We promise to be professional, timely, and affordable.


We offer free estimates for both residential and commercial work. We will listen to you, analyze the situation and provide you with the best solution that is efficient and reliable.

We offer service call for both residential and commercial work. We will listen to you, analyze the situation and provide you with the best.

Heating & Air Conditioning

We can install air conditioning & heating systems for your home or business to keep you and your environments comfortable and maintained at the desired temperature. We use high quality products from industry proven brands and we stand behind our work. If you are needing a system, have an older one that needs to be upgraded, or have a real issue with high energy bills, we can assess and evaluate your system and figure out the best solution for your comfort needs. The average energy savings by upgrading your 10 + year old HVAC to a new environmentally friendly system is 40%-60%. The system pays for itself within 5-10 years typically.


HEPA & UV Air Purification Systems

We install the latest high quality effective air purification systems on the market, including Trane Clean Effects, media air filters, electronic air cleaners, ultra violet light air and surface treatment systems, which kill/captures %99.8 of flu viruses,mold, bacteria, pollen, dander and more, leaving the air you breathe pure and clean as possible.

To see a video about the Trane Clean Effects system click here.

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Solar Installation

By adding solar to your home, the value of the home goes up as well. it does not decrease the value. Also, it is proven that homes with solar sell easier and faster than homes without it. If you are in need of a new roof, we can provide an estimate on a new roof through our highly reputable Roofing contractor. we work in sync with our roofer and our electrician to get the job done the right way, with a whole package deal.
Air quality ductwork heating and air conditioning services in Orange County

Ducting & Duct Work

We install, fabricate, and customize ducting systems for homes and commercial buildings, including contemporary exposed rigid ducting, flexible high efficiency duct systems, restaurant hood venting, exhaust systems and more.

New Construction/Residential & Commercial A/C Specializing In Repair, Maintenance, & Installations. Excellent Client Service. High-Quality Service. Services: AC Maintenance, AC Repair, AC installation.

New Construction

If you're building your dream home or are renovating and need a custom designed and installed central heating & air conditioning system, we can assure you that the job will get done right the first time. We take the utmost pride in our quality workmanship and experience. We can customize the best hvac system that suits your needs.


Server Rooms

Server rooms are in need of constant cooling with reliable systems. We install customized AC systems for all size server rooms, including ductless mini split systems and forced air units.

Nelson Air Restaurants AC Repair


Restaurants need to be serviced quarterly due to the high usage of hvac systems and grease in the air. Maintenance will greatly reduce energy costs and repairs. Grease traps need to be cleaned regularly, belts inspected and/or replaced, motors lubed, freon pressures regulated, filters replaced, coils washed and more. There are many variables to consider when it comes to maintaining a system and keeping it from breaking down. Customers need to be comfortable when it comes to restaurants profits.



Air quality and regulated temperatures in schools are vital for health and academics. Quarterly maintenance is suggested along with good air filters. Kids can fall behind in school if there constantly sick due to improper air filtration and lack of equipment performance. We do a variety of procedures to an HVAC system to optimize air quality and reliability.