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Free Estimate Service call Orange-County-Solar-Installation-900x425 The New law starting jan 1st 2020, all new homes/buildings have to have solar. By having solar panels on the roof, the attic temperatures drop around 5 degrees,  in turn keeping your ceilings cooler, thus running the AC less, saving you $. If you want a storage bank for power outages, we can either install backup batteries, or a natural gas/propane generator. The only setback to using batteries is there lifespan is only 5-10 years, where as generators are 20 years. By 2030 California mandated that 50% of all electricity has to be from solar.  Now is the time to get with the times and get clean energy and save $ and go green.  California is also phasing out all gas furnaces and require all homes must have a heat pump HVAC system which is all electric systems/no more natural gas!) heat pumps do heating and Air conditioning ) and are super efficient and quiet.  heat pump HVAC systems are a more comfortable heat,  versus gas furnaces, no worrying about carbon monoxide, gas leaks, fire hazards, and environmentally harmful nitrox oxides to the atmosphere. Solar is the way to go and make a difference. GO GREEN, SAVE GREEN. By adding solar to your home , the value of the home goes up as well. it does not decrease the value. Also it is proven that homes with solar sell easier and faster than homes without it. If you are in need of a new roof, we can provide an estimate on a new roof through our highly reputable Roofing contractor. we work in sync with our roofer and our electrician to get the job done the right way, with a whole package deal.



Nelson_Air_Solar_Installation-375x250 To get the ball rolling, all we need is your Name and address, also recent utility bill, then we will schedule an in home Free estimate. we will have a proposal ready upon arrival. We use a conversion tool along with google earth to pre assess your home. Act now to get the full 30% tax credit, the best time to to upgrade your home is in the winter time.


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