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Ductwork Has A Direct Impact On The Efficiency Of Your Heating & Air Conditioning System

We install, fabricate, and customize ducting systems for homes and commercial buildings, including contemporary exposed rigid ducting, flexible high efficiency duct systems, restaurant hood venting, exhaust systems and more.

Orange County Ductwork Installation

One of the main issue which is why our AC doesn’t work properly is the ductwork, homeowners often experience problems or not a good air quality when it comes of heating and cooling in their home. All the focus is on the heater and Air Conditioning system itself. But no matter how good your central air system may be, a lot of energy may go wasted if your air duct system is in poor condition or not properly sized for the AC system.

Moreover if your air duct system is in poor shape, much of that treated air can escape before it even makes it into your house.

Energy Loss As Air Travels From Your Heating & Air Conditioning System To Your Room

Every time you turn on your air conditioner or heater, it takes some time for treated air to make its way into your room. That’s because heated or cooled air must travel through the duct system.

If your air ducts have holes and leaks the air fails to reach its destination. Air continually leaking from ductwork costs you money every time your heater or air conditioning kicks on.

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